Foalbook stallions with a breeding permit

These stallions are available in New Zealand:



Maurits 437 Sport X Beart 411 Sport + Preferent
Registration #: 200901403
Studbook status: Foalbook Star
DOB: 13/04/2009
Height: 162 cm (measured in 2012)
Owner: Baldeep Dhillon
Standing at stud in NZ at Glenrose Friesians

Jolmer fan Twillens
Jolmer fan Twillens

Jolmer fan Twillens

Onne 376 Sport X Oege 267 Preferent
Registration #: 200306026
Studbook status: Foalbook Star + Sport
DOB: 14/05/2003
Hieght: 165 cm (measured in 2011)
Owner: Marianne and Louis Weitenberg
Standing at stud at Glenrose Friesians