Fimke fan Limbrook

Fimke Fan Limbrook
Fimke Fan Limbrook
Fimke Fan Limbrook
Fimke Fan Limbrook

Purebred Friesian Filly

Born: 29/09/2017

Sire: Damion of Glenrose Friesians (Jolmer van Twillens)

Dam: Taapke (Tsjerk 328)

She is a sweet, friendly girl and very fast learner.

Available to go to her new home at weaning in late February or late March, depending on her mum’s condition.

Get yourself a baby and form the best bond with your horse while starting from scratch your way.

She leads, can be touched and scratched all over, and has had her feet handled since day one.

For further info contact:

Yvonne Liemburg, Limbrook Friesians, Ph 021 185 9603 or 03 307 2272

Posted December 17, 2017

Introducing:  “BIANKA”  Friesian Filly!

DOB: 01.11.2016 (Jolmer fan Twillens x Nienke fan Limbrook)

Bianka is growing beautifully.  She has a lovely kind temperament.

She shows confidence and will boss her 3 year old full sister Temika around the paddock.

Handling done from the start. Farrier, worming, covers/Halter on and off in the paddock. Has been stabled. Hard Fed. Vac, DNA, Microchipped.

I don’t have a float so no float training yet, but if she is like her sister she will lead me up the ramp.

Please enquire with serious intentions only. I will only consider a experienced home with other horses, experienced in handling young ones, who will keep in contact with me with regular updates. You must come and view and get to know her first and visa versa, before we talk about price.

I have the Mare, and Bianka’s full sister (3yrs) and just born a colt (09.11.2017) to Floris, to view right here.

My husband doesn’t want me to sell this sweetheart, but my dream is to breed and give some person the opportunity to own a Friesian.

Old photos at approx 4-5 months. Contact:

Posted December 12, 2017