Foal Registration

  1. At the moment of service or insemination. As soon as a Friesian mare has been served by a licensed/approved/registered Friesian studbook stallion or has been inseminated with frozen or chilled semen from a licensed/approved studbook stallion, the mare’s owner must receive a service certificate (provided by the stallion owner in case of a natural service) or insemination certificate (this last one is most commonly signed by a veterinarian). If the semen is shipped from overseas (eg. The Netherlands or North America), a copy of the insemination certificate must be sent to the stud/stallion owner and to the ANZFHS registrar.
  2. The NZFHS registrar will issue a NZFHS service certificate for received AI certificates.
  3. At the completion of the stud season, the stud/stallion owner will send a birth notification form to the mare’s owner.
  4. As soon as the foal is born, or mare has aborted, slipped, or the foal is born dead or died soon after birth, the birth notification has to be completed and sent to the NZFHS, which will record this and send it on to the KFPS.
  5. The KFPS will send a birth notification confirmation to the NZFHS which will record this and forward this to the owner of the foal.
  6. microchip form can be downloaded from the website.
  7. The microchip needs to be inserted in the neck, near side, by a veterinarian and a certificate has to be completed and issued by the veterinarian.
  8. The owner of the foal, needs to complete registration within 6 (six) months after birth. The following needs to be forwarded to the NZFHS registrar –
  • The Service Certificate issued by the NZFHS
  • The completed registration papers
  • Collected sample of hair from the mane or tail. The amount of follicles has to be at least 20. This is for the purpose of DNA testing.
  • The microchip certificate completed by the veterinarian
  • The birth notification confirmation received from NZFHS/KFPS
  • The registration fee.
  1. The NZFHS will check the papers and then forward the completed papers to the KFPS.
  2. The KFPS will check the registration, enter the foal in the foalbook and send KFPS papers to the NZFHS.
  3. The NZFHS will issue a registration paper for use within New Zealand and forward the papers to the foal owner.

Important notes:

  • Every stallion owner who has used the stallion to cover a mare, must issue a service certificate. These are available from the registrar.
  • It is the foal owners (usually the mare owner’s) responsibility to register a foal. If this is not done before purchase, only a birth notification confirmation will be available for the foal. Full registration will then have to wait till the official Keuring (classification) days.