A Great Start for the Worldwide Friesian Tour!

Entries for the Worldwide Friesian Tour 2022 are pouring in from all corners of the world: New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Canada, via the WWFT Facebook Page.

Have a look at this wonderful Phryso article! It features some of New Zealand’s Friesians out and about – driving, walking or under saddle!

Where are we at?
Well, we’ve already gone and dusted off 695km!
How many more to go?
Still 39,380km left, so let’s share the info and get more Friesian lovers involved!
How do I participate?

1. Find and download an app that can measure distances (here’s an article on various apps)

2. Do a fun activity with a purebred Friesian (minimum 5 km)

3. Send a presentation with a nice photo to the WWFT Facebook Page. Include your:

a. Name

b. Country

c. Horse’s name

d. Something about the horse (eg. pedigree, age) or something you want to mention about you, the horse or where you live

4. Send a screenshot of the distance to the WWFT Messenger for them to verify your entry.

5. Share on social media, using the hashtag #wwfriesiantour2022, to help spread the word (and perhaps they’ll promote you on their social media too!)

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