Youngest Member Achieving High


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Ashleigh Rosewarne at 22 years of age,has been a member of the NZFHS for 3 years, and has a true passion for the Friesian Breed.

Ashleigh is a horse, dog, cat and human healer, with her business which is named “Serenity Therapy NZ”

Ashleigh is currently based in Hamilton, with a team of 5 horses,training and competing in between work with a mixture of everything including Warmblood,Thoroughbred, Gypsy Cob and the Gorgeous Friesian Auroha.

Having a few accidents in the period competing in jumping and eventing has set her back.  She is now training in dressage and has found a new passion for.  Learning how important it is to have a good balance in the body work and the riding to make the horse strong,supple and using correct technique giving owners that guidance is a true pleasere and passion.


She had her first horse at 5 and lessons from the age of 3.

8 years ago her old boy (Beau) had a tragic accident, running through a gate.  It was thought that he had fractured his hip, as that side of the hip was flat and had no shape to it.  The vet wanted to put the horse down. Ashleigh wanted to try other options first. Ashleigh’s mentor Nick Van der Sande came and did EMRT (Equine Muscle release Treatment) on Beau.  Within a few treatments you could see great improvements.  Ashleigh completed his last treatment just before he retired to the paddock and Beau lived happily for a further 8 years.

That’s when Ashleigh realized what she wanted to become……

At the age of 17 she travelled back and forth from Australia to start EMRT the original Bowen Technique journey, Ashleigh is the youngest person to graduate not only in horses but in dogs, cats and people.

The past 5 years of studying this therapy has opened up so many opportunities and led to encounters with many special people, and animals.

Dreams coming true at the age of 19,4 years ago when she purchased her first Friesian from GF Aurora, her pride and joy!

Ashleigh worked super hard to be able to achieve her dream goals and in the future Ashleigh would like to have her own Friesian Stud.


If your asking what is EMRT/BOWEN ???  If you want to know and learn the signs head on over to Ashleigh’s website to check out her amazing work, if you or your animals need a treatment Ashleigh travels to many places. Get in touch, have a chat you can find her on Facebook and all details there


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