New Zealand Spring times


Is your horse moulting?

Spring is beginning therefore we need to spend more time on the care of our horses, with more light on the horizon it gives us more time to do the jobs we have put on hold over the winter months.


Make sure your keeping your horses nutrients to the appropriate changing weather conditions including vitamins,minerals etc.

Keeping all water troughs clean and full of fresh water. While you are spring cleaning the house and stables wash all necessary gear.

Ease your horse back into light exercise.

Set a nice routine and increase activities when you feel the horse is ready. Now is the time to make sure all vaccinations are up to date eg: yearly injections, wormer and dental.

Ensure the first aid box is stocked up, and equipment serviced.

Prepare your soil and collect samples in order for the soils pH and nutrient levels. Prepare the land and get ready for planting or seed around September.

Cath Anderson

Stunning picture of Stallion Damion of GF owned by Yvonne Liemburg

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