2019 High Points Announced


Winners taking home a sponsored cup for the year a Rosette and Participation ribbon with a certificate.
Second place winners taking home a Rosette and a Participation ribbon and certificate


NZFHS Inc Proudly sponsored the Showing Cup
Winner Margaret Garrett with 107 points Tjeerd (Beautiful Obsidan)
Second Amy Nicholls with 52 points Zorro fan Limbrook

GLENROSE FRIESIANS Proudly sponsored the Driving Cup
Winner Llea-Anne Vlaanderen with 160 points
Second with Llea-Anne Vlaanderen with 71 points

LIMBROOK FRIESIANS Proudly Sponsored the Friesian X Sporthorse Cup
Winner Margerita DeKwant with 95 points
Second Amy Nicholls with 47 points

HUNGARY HORSE CAFE’ Proudly Sponsored the Dressage Cup
Winner Baldeep Dhillon with 112 Points

Well done to all that took part of the 2019 High Points Awards.

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