Keuring Programme


  • Morning: the board will be setting up the venue for the Keuring.
  • 1pm to 3pm: Drill Team practice with coordinator Sarah Rolston.
  • 3pm to 4pm: participants can go into arena to practice. Foals are NOT to be run at liberty at this time. Please bring a person to collect poo from the arena.
  • 4pm: arena will be raked and set up for the next day and is not to be used anymore.
  • 7pm: Friday night dinner get together for all members and their helpers (see more information below on how to book your place).


  • 10am: Measuring. If your horse is 3 years and over and judged to be included into the studbook, or already in the studbook, it will need to be measured. Foals, Yearlings, 2 year olds and the stallions do not require to be measured. This is also the time to hand in the ORIGINAL studbook paper to YvonneIf you would like to write down a few words to be read out by the announcer when your horse enters to be judged, please hand a typed note with visible size writing at the same time (just a casual few words about your horse, its character, nickname what you do with them)
  • 10.30amThe official start of the Keuring for the public. Powhiri welcome for our VIPs, participants and public, followed by a small show performed by the Cultural group from the Haka Shop. We request all participants to be present for this welcome in the indoor arena. (no horses to be present for this in arena).
  • 11am: IBOP Driven
  • 11.20am: Drill team Spectacle
  • 11.30am: Colt foals; Filly Foals; Champion Foal
  • 12.30pm: lunch break and announcing of High Point winners
  • 1pm: Yearlings and 2 year olds; Champion Junior; 3 year olds; Champion Senior; Stallions breeding permit inspection; Overall NZ Champion (afternoon final order to be confirmed)
  • 3pm: estimated finish


  • Rule of NEC: if you ride it, put a helmet on it.
  • We have arranged to have a food vendor and a coffee cart available parked by the indoor. We would like to encourage you to support them.
  • The board has requested the help of South Island board Member Yvonne and long standing member and experienced Keuring participant from the  South Island Leanne Vlaanderen to help out taking care of our international VIP guests during their stay in NZ.
  • NZFHS poloshirt: these have been ordered and if you missed out buying one they will be for sale at the Keuring.

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