Insights from Social Club member Brent Rolston

I am a social member of the NZFHS in the most literal sense. My knowledge of horses, Friesian or otherwise, is limited to knowing they all have 4 legs and a mouth. Because of the mouth part I tend to be included in picking up behind the other essential that all horses have. How is it possible to produce so much poop from such a limited diet?

My name is Brent Rolston, Sarah’s husband. Sarah along with Louis and Marianne Weitenburg, Baldeep Dillon and Vicky Samuels are all fantastic horse people. These guys have a passion for Friesian horses that is unsurpassed in this country, and occasionally they include me if there is a beer at the end of the day involved. This is where my social membership comes in. I have known Sarah for 30 plus years and never ridden a horse, but they have still become a huge part of my life. The basic model was Sarah would leave to go to a horse show/performance, Quarter Horses originally, and I would stay home firstly to look after the animals and then children. I went to a show once and we got engaged so I was obviously a distraction to Sarah that was best left behind.

Approx. 7 years ago Sarah started heading down the drive without a horse and would come home some time later raving about big black horses called Friesians that she was riding with the Weitenburg’s. Pretty intelligent person Sarah but I still figured she was confused with all the Friesian bulls hanging around here so I didn’t really listen too much. Then I got asked to go and shoot a magpie that was being a bit territorial at the Weitenburg’s. This was the first time I had been to the Glenrose Friesian’s property. Sarah was correct, they were big and Black, they were also very impressive. Friesian’s definitely have a presence and charm about them, I can almost understand how you have all fallen under their spell. They have certainly changed a few of the rules around here. We have the magnificent “Jolmer Van Twillians of Glenrose Friesians” here, we had a no stallion’s policy, one of the few non negotiables, he has been here for a few years now and looks more accepted than me some days. We have also had the beautiful “Tessa of Glenrose Friesians”, and “Atahua of Glenrose Friesians at times.

These horses are still just horses but they have a regal presence that sets them apart.

To all members of the NZFHS I wish you all the best with your new association and look forward to seeing you all at an event somewhere.

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